File preparation tips:

What file formats are accepted?

We accept any Mac or PC rasterized file format. 
This includes: 
- flattened pdfs (*our preferred format)
- tiffs
- jpegs
- Illstrator (convert the fonts to outlines)
- Photoshop
Customers using: Microsoft Office, Powerpoint or Publisher please save your files as PDF to avoid problems on your order.
What file resolution is recommended?
Please submit your files at 300 dpi.
What color format do you accept?
We accept CMYK color format exclusively. Please DO NOT send RGB, your file’s colors will change.
How much bleed does each document need?
Please leave 1/8 inch around your entire document. This will enlarge the document size you submit by .25 inch (1/8 on each side) and will be cut off after printing.
Other Helpful Hints:
Images and Text
Please keep all text and important images (images that do not bleed) an additional 1/4 inch inside the final cut line. This will ensure your image and text will be centered on your piece and much more pleasing to the eye.
Due to the speed of our cutters and our gang style lay-out, we advise not using borders in your artwork. Borders can make even the straightest cuts look crooked.
How do I get a rich black build?
Due to the nature of 4 color process a Rich Black Build will print better than just 100% black. Please set your CMYK build as follows:
C: 60%
M: 40%
Y: 40%
K: 100%
Can you print Spot / Pantone Colors:
We only print CYMK colors, all files will be converted to CYMK (please note the color will shift)